Tree & Sky

tree & sky copy

Ink & Oil Paint on Board
26″ x 26″


7 thoughts on “Tree & Sky

  1. Love your artistic diversity with the ability to create magnificent pieces of art. Every painting, scetch…has its own mood which reflects all inner transgressions & conflict I can only assume…. projecting our inner voice. My own interpretation resonates inside each of us whether we’re conscious of this…it’s up to the viewers ultimately as to how it effects them…wether it’s soft yet bold approach evokes a lot of emotion yet depending on my mood …. depicts a very accurate discripton of how we are able to see things from different angles depending on our current disposition and utilize it & incorporate in our daily lives. Keep up the fantabulous artistry Rachel u have skills in many areas of the art spectrum that invite a realm of emotions I am very impressed with your work I don’t want to for you wait to get it out & sharing it with the world knowing you have what it takes to make it just don’t wait to long.. ..I know how difficult it is to part with your pieces….however,I don’t think it would hurt to see how people react to it be confident hold your head high & the world is truly at your fingertips. I wish you all the best in your endeavor any way I can support you is my pleasure. Take care ttfn tara

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