AO Smith

Another watercolour painted by dipping a small square of eraser into the paint to give a pixelated effect. The building is home to a Canadian manufacturing company.


I found this image while organizing some files, it is a digital edit from a photo of a painting I did several years ago that I may have painted over.


2021 – Made this by editing a photograph in Photoshop, not sure if it is a digital painting or a photograph. It was faster to make than painting from scratch (and less messy) but it doesn’t have the amount of alterations or interpretations that would have been present through the handmade process. The subject, framing, colours and finish were my choice though so it is still my artwork just mediated through the choices and limitations of technology rather than through the choices and limitations of physical art supplies.

Pixellism – Back of the Stores

2021 – Watercolour

A take on Pointillism but using a square pixel like mark to play with the idea that an increasing number of the images we take in are mediated by the pixels of digital media. It’s a combination of traditional watercolour paint and a reference to the process of how technology interprets what we see.

The marks are mainly from the imprints of a square shape I cut from a plastic eraser and dipped into the paint, although the larger softer square imprints were from a piece of sponge.

Place Series #21

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 6″x6″

A street scene from a small Ontario town. I’m working on street scenes more lately, always using photos that I have taken for reference to maintain a personal connection to the place, a bit like a journal.

Digital & Detail


Trying to get away from all the blue and green I use in landscapes.  The top is digitally altered to explore some new palettes, at the bottom is the original, a detail from a recent painting.