Pixel Alley

Using a basic block shape to make an image, a reference to the pixels of today’s media and a little bit to the pointillism of historical media. There is a contrast between the square block and the fluidity of the watercolour that makes it interesting to work with.

Three Orchids

Three unfinished paintings that outlasted the orchids, but as I was starting to paint them over I realized that the shapes that drew me to them were still there. I took photos of the unfinished canvases to digitally finish the paintings focusing on the shapes over colour or details. The following is the same image but an inverted copy just because I could, and because digital work has that quality of experimentation that often ends up adding something to how I approach my traditional work.

Liminal Space

2022 – Digital Collage

Did some experimenting with the concept of liminal space and the in-between part of a process. There is some symbolism and some randomness in the images I choose to mix meaning and the incidental, but it is not intended to look polished, or finished, as it is about the space before everything comes together.


All Going Somewhere

Blue Snow Storm

Still Going

2022- Digital

I created these images through layering screen shots from traffic cameras taken on one very snowy day this January. The contrast between the individual perspectives of those stuck, stressed or frustrated while trying to get to their destinations, while the same cause of that frustration (the snow) accentuating a very strong directive perspective appealed to me.

AO Smith

Another watercolour painted by dipping a small square of eraser into the paint to give a pixelated effect. The building is home to a Canadian manufacturing company.


I found this image while organizing some files, it is a digital edit from a photo of a painting I did several years ago that I may have painted over.