Pixellism – Back of the Stores

2021 – Watercolour

A take on Pointillism but using a square pixel like mark to play with the idea that an increasing number of the images we take in are mediated by the pixels of digital media. It’s a combination of traditional watercolour paint and a reference to the process of how technology interprets what we see.

The marks are mainly from the imprints of a square shape I cut from a plastic eraser and dipped into the paint, although the larger softer square imprints were from a piece of sponge.

Place Series #21

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 6″x6″

A street scene from a small Ontario town. I’m working on street scenes more lately, always using photos that I have taken for reference to maintain a personal connection to the place, a bit like a journal.

Digital & Detail


Trying to get away from all the blue and green I use in landscapes.  The top is digitally altered to explore some new palettes, at the bottom is the original, a detail from a recent painting.


Pulse – Animated Art


2019 – Experimenting with digital animated art, the grainy texture wasn’t in the original image but I don’t think it detracts from it.  The idea behind a work isn’t always clear when I start but evolves through the process and this one is about energy, but also anchoring or constancy.